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liver stones

Liver stones

Each year millions of people are treated for gallstone-related pain in the upper right side of the belly. These pains come from just below the ribs. But it may surprise you that this pain is often caused by liver stones instead of gall stones. The only thing that seperates the two is the location in the body.

What are liver stones?

Liver stones are pebble shaped stones formed when an excess of cholesterol is present in the body.  These stones are formed when the liver cannot excrete the excess of cholesterol into the body. Heredity may also be a cause of the condition.

What causes liver stones?

The occurrance of liver stones seem to have many causes. In the rich West we adopted a lifestyle in which the liver is having a much harder time than before. We entrust our liver with:

  • excessive use of stimulants: alcohol, drugs, smoking.
  •  overuse of regular medicines and vaccinations
  •  we don’t drink enough water. Many people think they drink enough tea, coffee and soft drinks and don’t realize enough that they should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.
  • Overeating. We eat far too much with low nutritional value and too little food with high nutritional value. We generally get too much protein in and people who want to eat healthier often limit fats. While fat is a powerful incentive for the liver to start working. So we need more healthy fat. We also tend to eat many times: 5 or 6 meals a day. This severely disrupts our biological clock.
  • Too little exercise and too much stress.
  • At some incidences liver stones can occur as a side effect of UMTS frequencies (mobile phone traffic).
  • We suppress our anger too often.
  • Liver flukes, a kind of flatworm which infects the digestive system and nestles in the liver.

Liver stones treatment

liver stones

There are many cures for liver stones, most notably the liver flush which you can do at home. Other methods include drinking ginger or liver herb tea, resium, artichoke extracts and the use of epsom salt. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is important to stop the recurrance of liver stones.


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