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The weird thing is that often liver stones cause little or no apparent symptoms. In other words, the symptoms are there but doctors do not make the connection between the symptoms and the cause. Almost all patients who have liver stones, complain that they are always feeling cold. This could be related to liver stones, but also to other diseases.

Frequent liver stones symptoms

  • weight gain, in particular the increase of abdominal girth. A puffy, bloated appearance. But also skinny, slender people can have liver stones.
  • a full crushing feeling in the upper abdomen, sometimes with pain, which rarely results in a real biliary colic.
  • fatigue
  • retaining moisture: ¬†legs and arms and sometimes in the face (around the eyes). This can be caused by both a poorer renal function or lymph trim.
  • allergic symptoms (or recurring after a ‘clean’ situation)
  • Failing defenses (many infections)
  • rapid onset of bruising (bleeding disorder)
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • increased cholesterol
  • digestive disorders: indigestion, bad or undigested stools, floating stools.
  • discolored stools (putty colored) and / or red-brown urine. This is a classic symptom of a blockade of the draining bile ducts. However, it occurs only rarely.

Get rid of these liver stones symptoms!

Many of these liver stones symptoms will disappear immediately after your first succesful gallbladder liver flush. Be aware that most liver stones symptoms will return after a week or two, in which case it is important to do another liver flush. Most people will have flushed everything out after 6-8 liver cleanses. This is not true for everyone; a number of people will require at least 20 flushes to get them all out.

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